Shaping People, Companies and Brands @Neumorgen

I help leaders to

  • design the future, build and scale great culture and to transform their company, using practical philosophy, Socratic Design, and other innovation methods.
  • create meaningful brands, products and experiences.
  • grow their business based on a revenue-as-a-service model.
  • decide what’s next, to realize their full potential and to design their good life.


Ambassador @Socratic Design Academy

I am helping to build Socratic Design Academy – founded by Humberto Schwab – and facilitate dialogues, workshops and labs.


Angel Investor @Goodlife Capital

I make pre-seed investments in Education and Health startups with the aim to improve lives and change industries. I help founders to acquire capital and to build partnerships and investors to build companies for cash and equity.


Ambassador @Funzi

Funzi makes quality learning accessible to everyone. Funzi combines unique knowledge in mobile business, education, and technology to create a global impact on how the world learns using the widest reaching modern technology: mobile. Current impact: 5M+ people.


Ambassador @Promisehub

Helping with Funzi to deliver entrepreneurship education for the first hub in Uganda – a first step towards transforming the lives of 10M people through digital entrepreneurship.


Moderator and Speaker

I moderate events with presence, dominant empathy, the capacity to understand any idea, to ask the right questions and to really listen, to make sure everyone is heard and to initiate collective intelligence in groups.

I speak on the future of work, digital ethics, consciousness and peak performance.


Short Bio: Designing good life. Realizing tomorrow’s quality of life today.

Jan has a background in brand strategy, innovation, market research, and corporate development across different sectors. He has an MBA from University of Cologne and has been privately trained in Socratic Design and practical philosophy by Humberto Schwab, in improvisation acting by Claus Janzen and mentored by advertising legend Vilim Vasata and market research innovator Dr. Howard Moskowitz. He is an entrepreneur since 10+ years.



Cell DE +49177-4000305